* 3 petits cochonnets (3 little piglets)- Wine tasting package ‘Straight’ *


What about a nice wine tasting ‘home away from home’? We really love our ‘little piglets‘ wines! They are ‘straight‘, so very accessible to all. Our winehouse severely selects wines, which they conserve in the basement of a formerly ‘ice company’. A natural and perfect way to handle these precious ‘treasures’.
As a white wine drinker I really appreciate ‘Petit Cochonnet Sauvignon‘  with a fresh taste with citrus flavor.
100 % Sauvignon Blanc – Languedoc Roussillon

My husband prefers the red ‘Petit Cochonnet Cabernet Sauvignon‘. Very easy to drink with a creamy and fruity taste, where you discover some violet and raspberry flavor.
100 % Cabernet Sauvignon – Languedoc Roussillon

Rosé is no longer the ‘light’ summer wine, but a great way to celebrate life. Explore this fresh, dry and fruity wine of ‘Petit Cochonnet Grenache’.
100 % Grenache – Languedoc Roussillon

What do you think about the label?

The producer refers with the piglet to the French saying: ‘sans ajout de cochonneries’, which means ‘without adding any malpractice‘. Right!

One more thing…

Oh yes, we will make sure the cooled bottles wait for you in the fridge ;-).

I'll pick rosé over roses.