* Champagne Fromentin Leclapart Grand Cru *


Sometimes, you just want ‘the best’. Not  just ‘a’ champagne, but a ‘Grand Cru‘. Grand Cru means the best quality of grapes. The towns in the Champagne area with the best wineries.

Fromentin Leclapart Grand Cru is a very elegant and fine Champagne. You will discover flavours of apple, pear and some flowers with a full fruity balance accompanied by nice, persistant pearls. A full body with fresh and fruity character and at the end some acidity. Crispy on the tongue and firm length. Power and elegance!
Pinot Noir –  Chardonnay – Bouzy Champagne

Sometimes, you deserve it!

Good to know…

Our winehouse severely selects wines, which they conserve in the basement of a formerly ‘ice company’. A natural and perfect way to handle these precious ‘treasures’.

Champagne make you feel it's Sunday and better days are just around the corner. (Marlene Dietrich)