BnB Antwerp

*** Valentine is in the air ***

Cannot resist offer!

If you book with us directly during the month of February,
we give you a free bottle of the best Rosé ever … ever … ever: Rosé Miraflors Lafage.

Later on, you can use the empty decorative bottle with glass stop to serve your own cocktail or cool water (value 20 EUR).

Make your stay unforgettable!

Book your stay at ‘Alesia at Friday,

where we match the industrial look with amazing art from ‘our local artists’
Linda Robaye and Veronique Van Asch.

If you want to purchase some art and take it home, you can!
Just contact us (+32 496/26 60 23).

Wanna make your getaway unforgettable?

Book our ‘Romantic Package including tattoos
with an elegant Cava Jaume Serra, some ‘hearty balloons‘,
a mini-painting of Linda Robaye, a romantic candle and…. some temporary tattoos ;-).

Oh yes, we will make sure the chilled cava is waiting for you in the fridge.

Romantic celebration in Antwerp

Our very favourite take-out: Best of Antwerp!
A smart combination of fine Asian Cuisine Dim Dining
and the 3 Michelin star restaurant Zilte.
Really, you will not regret it…
Or you can opt for a take-out at Fiera: a loving encounter to celebrate love at ‘home away from home’. Superb meal, inspiring playlist and suggestions for a sparkling night!

One more thing…

Did you notice our brand new logo? Well, our favourite soccer team Royal Antwerp FC
and the city of Antwerp use the same colours! It is pure coincidence ;-).

Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.